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Making Your Marriage a Priority as You Care for an Aging Parent

In marriage, we agree to stick together for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness as well as in health – but what does not come up in our vows to each other is the way to preserve marriage while caregiving as our parents age. Nevertheless, with our life span increasing, it is […]

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The Newest Breakthroughs in Curing Alzheimer’s

The first, interestingly, is a drug utilized to manage HIV. Scientists have discovered that the genetic blueprint in Alzheimer’s patients is altered as the disease advances, very similar to the genetic shuffling that occurs in individuals with HIV. The idea is that placing a halt on the movement of the specific genes can possibly prevent […]

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Avoid the Dangers of Loneliness Through St. Petersburg In Home Care

With well over 325 million people residing in the U.S. alone, it is difficult to think that loneliness would be so common. Yet more than half of the elderly live alone, and more than a million of them are likely to be chronically lonely. In reality, about 50% of seniors researched reported that their central […]

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St. Petersburg Home Care Tip: Rethink How We Look at Aging

A Google search for the term “aging” produces topics such as “coping with aging,” “what you can do about aging,” and even “the cure to aging.” The unfavorable connotations to getting old are, unfortunately, so embedded within our society that it is expected that by 2021, we’ll be purchasing over $300 billion in anti-aging products. […]

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Life with an Aging Parent: Are You Becoming a Helicopter Child?

We’ve all known helicopter parents, particularly when a son or daughter goes off to college. The fact is, we might be guilty of hovering a tad too closely ourselves. Discovering that appropriate balance between caring and overstepping our boundaries is not very easy. And now, due to the added number of sandwich generationers providing care […]

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Get Out and Play at Any Age! And Then Reap the Health Benefits

Do you recall that feeling as a young child once the school bell rang, signifying the conclusion of science and the start of the best part of the day: recess? There was clearly an immense sensation of freedom bounding out onto the playground, leaving behind the stress of school work for a quick period of […]

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Holiday Visits Can Help Determine if Dementia Care Is Needed

From the second the door swings open and your senior parent wraps you in a warm hug, through the merry holiday dinner and each timeless family tradition, possibilities abound for not just quality time together, but also to evaluate how your senior loved one is really doing and if any warning flags are observed. In […]

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Help Seniors Overcome the Holiday Blues with These Tips

Ah, the holidays: they can either be the most wonderful time of the year, or the most challenging. For some seniors who have lost relatives, are battling chronic health issues, or are going through isolation and loneliness, the holidays can lead to depression. And, the family caregivers who care for a loved one are also […]

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Plan for Senior Falls Now to Prevent a Future Injury

Falls among senior citizens are all too common and may have serious outcomes. Taking precautionary measures is crucial, such as examining the house for fall risks like area rugs along with other trip and fall hazards, inadequate lighting, and a lack of appropriate grab bars and railings. But there’s a new approach being suggested now: […]

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A Hospital Visit for Thanksgiving? It’s More Common Than You Think for Seniors!

Even though we might imagine a Norman Rockwell-worthy Thanksgiving gathering, with the entire family relishing quality time together and Grandma’s classic food, the truth for a lot of families consists of something unanticipated: a visit to the hospital. The fact is, studies illustrate that emergency room visits for older adults jump an astounding 10% – […]