Generations at Home – Serving Pinellas County, Florida

Welcome to Generations at Home! We are a family owned, non-franchised home care company who understands how difficult it is to find compassionate, trustworthy care for a loved one. We've been in your shoes. We know the difference a well training, loving CarePartner can make in the life of an elderly or disabled person. That's precisely why we do what we do…provide the best possible care for your loved one.

"It wasn't until I watched my own elderly father gradually succumb to dementia that I realized how demanding a caregiver's role can be. I saw my mother struggle to meet his constantly increasing needs, finally coming to the realization that if they were going to stay at home, which they both desperately wanted to do, they needed some help. That's the moment I realized how important the choice of a home care company really is.”

Renz Nichols, - Owner Generations at Home

Our History

Generations at Home was founded by Christa and Chris Moffatt, a geriatric nurse practitioner and pharmacist with 50 years of combined experience in the healthcare field. They started this business out of the need for quality care for their own parents, spending nearly four years building into a trusted, reliable, and caring home care company. While they've moved on to continue their passion of caring for others with an assisted living facility, we remain steadfast in their founding principle: providing the absolute best care by listening to your family's individual needs.
After meeting the founders, it didn't take Renz long to realize that he wanted to continue the tradition of Generations At Home. He saw that Generations At Home provided exactly the kind of service his family looked for in his father's case; professional and compassionate care oriented not just to the Elder, but to the entire family. Thus, after a 30 plus year career in business, and a couple of years in “retirement”, Renz jumped at the chance to join Generations At Home.

Our Owner

Renz Nichols — Home Care Provider for the Elderly in Pinellas County, FL
Renz had a successful 30 year business career which began at a large multinational public accounting firm. He spent the majority of his career with a large provider of technology services to financial services and retail industries where he held several executive positions overseeing large operations in both North America and Latin America. Throughout his career, he has held to the basic principal of business success: exceed the expectations of your customer. He is committed to continuing this at Generations At Home.
Renz is a native of Florida, having grown up in the Panhandle. He attended the University of West Florida, earning a BA and MA in Accounting. He began his career in Atlanta, Georgia before returning to Florida in 1994. He is the proud father of four and grandfather of three. He enjoys spending time with his family and anything in the outdoors or on the water.

What We Do - Comprehensive Family Home Care.

At Generations at Home, we know you want the absolute best care for your loved ones. And that is what we strive to do. We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive family care. Together with the hands-on involvement of our owners and nursing staff, our extensively trained Care Partners provide traditional home care needs and much more. If you need help with the basics like laundry, errands, shopping, cooking, and cleaning, we can do it. If you need more comprehensive care management, we can do that too.

Generations at Home is dedicated to ensuring your loved ones receive the utmost in tailored professional home care. We treat them with dignity and respect and care for them with the same love and compassion as we would our own family. Our goal is to assist them to achieve the highest level of potential in their daily activities while keeping their trust as well as that of their family.
“When we searched for a home care provider for my father, we wanted someone who would show the same compassion he's shown for us throughout our lives. Thankfully, we found that person. And she cares for him as if he were her own father. Everyone deserves that kind of quality care with someone that you can trust. And you can find that with Generations at Home.”

Renz Nichols, - Owner Generations at Home