older disabled adult strength training

The Post-Pandemic Importance of Strength Training for Older Adults

As we’re finally easing our way out of this pandemic, we’re finding out more information on how it has impacted the elderly – both physically and emotionally. We know older adults have been at a greater threat of serious side effects and death from the COVID-19 virus; however, the impact of 15 months of physical […]

senior with dementia hugging caregiver

Study Reveals a Distinctive Progression of Dementia in Latinos

A new study sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association is revealing some surprising results in the progression of dementia in Hispanic people. While further exploration is needed to fully understand whether these differences are the consequence of social/cultural nuances or the dementia itself, it’s worthwhile information for Latino families to know. Daily Activities One highlight of […]

daughter talking to elderly parent

The One Phrase to Avoid When Caring for Elderly Parents

As our parents age, it’s not necessarily simple to know exactly what our role as adult children must be. We’d like what is best for them, but if we’re not cautious, we’ll overstep our boundaries and find ourselves attempting to parent our parents. This is also true when safety is a concern. There’s a thin […]

mature caregiver giving glass of water to senior woman

Tips to Help Manage Dysphagia in Elderly Parents

There’s nothing better than a tall, cold drink on a hot summer day, but for a person with dysphagia, this simple pleasure can be dangerous. Dysphagia – or difficulty with swallowing – impacts millions of seniors, because of weakened mouth and/or throat muscles. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, MS and stroke are typical causes as well. Symptoms of […]

Female home carer hugging senior male patient at care home

Understanding the Different Stages of Dementia

One of the first questions in most people’s minds when a family member is diagnosed with dementia is precisely what can be expected in the weeks, months, and years to come. We realize that the hallmark of Alzheimer’s is the progressive decline in cognitive abilities and also the skills required to manage everyday life. Yet, every […]

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Shocking New Statistics for Medication-Related Senior Falls

We’ve known for a long time that there are specific medications that increase the risk of senior falls. 20 years ago, only a little over 1/2 of older adults were impacted by that risk; yet now, that number has increased significantly – to a staggering 94% of seniors who are now in danger of falling as […]

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Tips to Help Overcome Family Caregiver Dread

What are your first thoughts as soon as you wake up each morning? Are you looking forward to what the day holds, or would you like to crawl back underneath the covers and stay there? If you are feeling more dread than delight as you think through your family caregiver responsibilities for the day, you’re […]

caregiver comforting senior couple

Lessons From Late Stage Dementia: What the Return of Lucidity Is Teaching Us

Even as memory loss and confusion increase during late stage dementia, there’s a fascinating and pleasant reprieve that frequently occurs. Previously termed “terminal lucidity,” it is more frequently referred to now as “paradoxical lucidity.” It signifies an unexpected, short-term regaining of clarity to a nearly pre-dementia state of mind. During this time, the effects can […]

family caregiving while working on laptop at the dining table and sons having lunch

Balancing Family Caregiving and Work Responsibilities Post-Pandemic

If there is one particular positive after-effect of the pandemic, it’s the attention generated for family caregiving. Managing work and home life has long been a tremendous challenge for anyone caring for a senior relative. As Lindsay Jurist-Rosner, CEO of Wellthy, explains, “Caregiving went from a silent struggle to being in the spotlight overnight.” Employers […]

senior lady gardening

How to Improve Self Care for Seniors Through Gardening

The cool dampness of rich soil. The warmth of the sun’s rays. The joyful music of songbirds. Gardening has the capacity to engage each of our senses, and provides a wealth of benefits to seniors. No matter what the ability level or any space restrictions, there’s always a way to help older adults experience the […]