Adult Daughter Helping Senior Man To Button Cardigan

How to Help Someone with Dementia Who Refuses to Change Clothes

Being a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or some other type of dementia requires creativity, patience, and empathy, the ability to step away from your individual reasoning and logic and realize why a certain behavior is occurring, and then to determine how exactly to effectively manage it. That’s certainly the situation with a family […]

Elderly disabled man with mask sitting in wheelchair, assisted by young female caregiver outdoors

Which Home Care Options for Elderly Parents Are Safe Right Now?

For the past several months, family caregivers have had to handle seemingly unsurmountable challenges in connection with the care of the older adults they love. With COVID-19’s particular dangers to senior citizens and people with underlying health conditions, such as COPD, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and others that are common in older adults, families have struggled […]

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How to Respond When a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Has Loss of Inhibitions

Awkwardness. Discomfort. Disbelief. Shame. Most of these feelings can cycle through a family caregiver’s heart when your family member with Alzheimer’s disease displays disinhibited behaviors, such as: Rude or tactless comments Unacceptable sexual advances or remarks Removal of clothes at improper times And other socially unacceptable actions The complex changes that occur to the brain […]

senior woman getting assistance from caregiver

When a Senior Falls: How to Help Regain Strength and Confidence

While circus clowns and comedians may stir audiences to laughter over such stunts as slipping on a banana peel, there is nothing funny when a senior falls, as seniors are at an increased risk for serious injuries that may result in a long rehabilitation process. Not only that, but there is a lesser known complication […]

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Should You Schedule Elective Medical Procedures During the Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic put our society on pause, including, among many other activities, appointments and elective medical procedures. In fact, nearly one-half of all adults either canceled or put off routine care and elective medical procedures since the coronavirus crisis began, leading medical professionals to become worried about the consequences. Even as we tentatively aim […]

Parkinson's disease on physicians tablet

An Accidental Discovery Turned Into a Potential Parkinson’s Treatment

Researchers at the UC San Diego School of Medicine who believed they were analyzing connective tissue cell protein received quite a shock when they alternatively stumbled upon a therapy to eradicate the observable symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in mice. Not just that, but the treatment might be useful in various conditions that call for the […]

senior woman outside with male caregiver

With the Pandemic, How Do You Keep Seniors Safe When Venturing Out?

After months of isolating, quarantining, and distancing from friends and family, many people are venturing out. Nevertheless, for seniors in particular, is it safe to think about going out? Regrettably, there is no cut-and-dry answer, and a number of criteria must be considered to come to the very best decision for every individual. For example: What […]

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Resources and Tips for Seniors Living with COPD During COVID-19

Those diagnosed with COPD have needed to stay especially watchful since the COVID-19 pandemic started, as they are likely at both a much higher risk for contracting the virus as well as for developing more severe complications from it. A recent research study published by the European Respiratory Journal reported that people with COPD were […]

senior wears a mask to protect against viruses and bacteria

Best Ways to Provide Alzheimer’s Care During COVID-19

Loneliness. Confusion. Isolation. These feelings have become commonplace for a number of us during the COVID-19 pandemic, but when you factor in the challenges of dementia, the difficulties and frustrations are heightened to a completely new level. Take, for example, the short-term memory loss inherent in dementia. A family caregiver searching for the proper way […]

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How to Handle Aging Parents Who Expect Too Much

In an ideal world, we could perfectly compartmentalize our caregiving duties, sticking to a routine that met the needs of a loved one, while enabling enough time necessary to handle our myriad of other responsibilities. But of course, life does not adhere to our desired script, and conflicting needs are common when caring for an […]